What we do

High Voltage Dry Testing – Low Voltage Wet Testing – Moisture Mapping – Roof Condition Survey

High Voltage Dry Testing

In dry conditions, the Buckley’s Dry Roof Pro can locate, with pinpoint accuracy, damage and workmanship defects in most roof constructions. it is effective on new or existing roofs and does not rely on a conductive structure, making it ideal for warm roof scenarios but is also effective on cold roofs.

Low Voltage Wet Testing

Similar to the dry method, low voltage wet testing can be pinpoint accurate using the Buckley’s Wet Roof system. This method will locate leaks in any roof construction in wet conditions where water has contacted a conductive structure e.g. concrete or metal. This equipment is perfect for a level cold roof build up that may hold water.

Moisture Mapping

Using the Tramex Dec Scanner and moisture meters, non-destructive instant surveying of moisture conditions in flat roofs and waterproofing systems is possible. Large areas of roof can be measured and mapped for moisture enabling targeted insulation replacement or evaluation.

Roof Condition Survey

Assess a roof’s condition as it reaches the end of its life or to keep on top of maintenance to prevent premature failure, these surveys provide a professional and unbiased opinion on your external waterproofing.